Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Reliability of the Jeep

Countless times I have been asked if the Jeep is reliable. I have even been questioned by friends, family and neighbors as to the reliability of the Jeep. There have been the select few who have to me, mouthed off and suggested I sell my Jeep to get something newer.


I bought my beloved Jeep Cherokee aka Princess in September 2007 of of Ebay. My friends and I drove 500 miles to Lakeland, Florida to pick her up in the Lowe's parking lot. It truly was love at first site.

Luckily we decided to bring the trailer as we were not exactly sure of her condition. It turns out she had a cracked head and the speedometer sensor wasn't working. Those two things really were very minor issues resolved in one day. See, my best friend is a Jeep Guru. Between his family and mine we have a combined 15 Jeep Cherokees and Grand Cherokees. A few are parts cars though most are running, drivable vehicles.

In the 3 1/2 years I have owned Princess most of my money invested in her is modifications. Very little has been because of maintenance issues. Yes, the occasional brake adjustments have been made, replacement of the front and back brakes a rotor replacement, starter replacement, the battery. But seriously, most people do this on their vehicles and it's considered typical. The Atypical stuff I've done have been mostly in the mods. Bigger tires, a skid plate, a SYE are just a few of the things I have spent money on.

Unlike my grandfather who has forked out close to $10K in repairs and maintenance issues on his much newer Cadillac Caterra. And my grandfather is one who meticulously cares for his vehicles.

One it is about the quality of the vehicle you have and two it does have to do with how one cares for their vehicle. My Jeep is dependable and I love it. Princess has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. Would I recommend Jeeps to others? Yes I would and I have. My mom and step dad purchased a 1993 Jeep Country from my Best Friend's son two years ago. Years ago my step dad owned a 1987 Jeep Cherokee until he sold it in 2001. Jeeps can be the most loyal vehicles and most owners of them will tell you this.